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Considering a Bowrider

When you’re considering investing in a boat, it doesn’t take long to realize just how many different options there are. You’ll want to think about what you plan to primarily use your boat for so you can narrow down your choices. If you’re interested in a boat that has room for you and all your friends to spend the day on the water, you might find bowrider boats to be a great option. Bowrider boats are compact, affordable, and ideal for group outings when you want to have some fun in the sun with your pals. 

Cedar Port Marina can help you find the perfect bowrider boat. Give us a call or visit us today! 

What is It?

Simply put, a bowrider is a style of runabout boat that offers extra seating at the bow near the front of the helm. This additional space allows you to take a large group of friends out on the water with you for a relaxing day in the sun. Bowriders are mostly leisure crafts so they’re not well-suited for fishing as they lack many of the amenities large boats tend to offer. They also don’t have a cabin or a roof as they consist of a single deck. They’re mainly intended for use on days where the weather is nice and you just want to do some pleasure cruising. Bowrider engines are either a stern drive or an outboard. Some bowrider engines are designed for use in casual cruising.

Boats that are less than 21’ have a more simple design and don’t have massive storage capacity like larger boats often do. You’ll have the best experience on a bowrider when boating in small, calm lakes. If you choose a larger sized bowrider then you’ll have more options, like a large U-shaped seating area and additional storage options. A larger bowrider also gives you the ability to tackle more vigorous waters. Some bowrider boats even feature loungers at the stern for the ultimate relaxation experience on the water.


As mentioned, bowriders are best suited for use in inland waterways like calm lakes and rivers instead of the open ocean. Due to their smaller size and the fact that they’re no longer than 35’, bowriders are not well-equipped for taking on rough sea conditions. They still can have powerful engines that let you reach top speeds for fun, spray-filled rides across the water. For this reason, bowriders are great for water skiing. The best use for a bowrider is as a pleasure craft for enjoying sunny, easy cruising and relaxation on the water. The ample seating options allow you to take as many as ten passengers aboard! There’s plenty of room for sunbathing and swimming preparation. Bowriders are an excellent choice for those seeking a recreational boat that provides pure enjoyment on the water.


The Regal Bowrider Series is a great option with a classic look full of many awesome features. For starters, there’s the Fastrac hull design with a full-beam step and an aerated bottom that provide reduced friction. The boat is also able to glide freely through the water at faster speeds and with improved fuel efficiency. The PowerTower can be either raised or lowered with a simple touch of a button. This feature is highly functional and makes navigating a breeze. The immense storage space is second to none and properly equips you and your passengers for a day of fun with room for all the essentials and more. The super convenient full-beam platform is position at the waterline for seamless boarding. With bow seating, social seating, and arena seating, none of your passengers will be scrambling for a place to sit. We can’t wait to help you find the bowrider boat of your dreams! Stop by Cedar Port Marina to start browsing today! 

Time Wasted on the Lake is Time Well Spent!

Hello Friends!

This is Lori at Cedar Port Marina!  It's been a crazy-busy summer with boat sales, boat sales, and more boat sales!!  The bustle of summer really zoomed past me!  My recent experiences with living on the lake and working on the water taught me that it's always a good day and there's always a reason to smile!!  Lake life provides multiple opportunities to make memories with loved ones!  One of my favorite memories includes watching fireworks burst overhead with the reflection of hundreds of boats gathered together on the lake to celebrate our freedom.  I hope you had a chance to enjoy epic water sports, watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises, meet new friends, dine at your favorite lakeside stop and to simply relax!  

End of Summer Blowout Party

Hello Friends!

Last night's party was simply the best way to end summer and say thank you to all the customers who help make Cedar Port Marina a success!  The weather was perfect. The food was delicious and the entertainment by Mike Barham was amazing as always! Everyone from the youngest child to the most mature adult had a smile on their face and a satisfied tummy!  There's just nothing like being on the water with a peaceful bonfire to help you forget the worries and stress of the world.  Most importantly, it's the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with each other and do nothing but simply enjoy life!!  

Beautiful Fall Weather

Hello Friends!

It's a beautiful fall morning on Grand Lake!  I love the cooler temperatures, autumn sunshine and boating, of course!!  Even though the summer months have slipped past, we are still busy and we are still working at Cedar Port Marina to meet all your boating needs! The ship store still has a few remaining pair of the OluKai footwear, which is an awesome Hawaiian brand that is created with quality materials and your comfort in mind.  I can help you find the perfect pair for any of your casual or dress-up activities! 

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