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Cedar Port Ships Store Has All The Fun Lake Stuff

The Ships Store at Cedar Port Marina has everything you want and need in stock. We are not your average Ships Store because we really do have all of the boat supplies, accessories, swim wear and water toys you could want. Besides having soda, chips, beer and wine, we have all the other things that make boating fun. Being boaters and Lake Rats ourselves we know what it takes to have a great time while boating on Grand Lake.

In our Ships Store you'll find everything from boat anchors to ice cream, wake boards to the latest fashions in swim wear and everything in between. We make sure that when you're on Grand Lake you can do it in style.

Boating Supplies & Accessories

At Cedar Port Marina we know anchors get lost, lights burn out, and life jackets get left behind. That is why we stock well known brands of almost every boating supply you can imagine. Some of the items we have in stock are:

  • Anchors, ropes and lines
  • Fenders, bumpers or whatever you want to call them
  • Lights, bulbs, reflectors and safety items
  • Life Jackets (Adult, Children & Pet)
  • Gail Force Saddle Floats
  • YETI Ice Chests

Don't let that broken or lost boating accessories ruin your lake weekend, stop by our Ships Store at Cedar Port Marina and have some fun.

Cool Water Sports Toys At Cedar Port Marina

Have more fun at Grand Lake with water toys. Choose from top brand wake & surf boards, towable tubes like the Big Mable, Mega Slice, and water pistols as well. We stock all kinds of the accessories for wake boarding, surfing, tubing and boating.

Latest Fashions In Swim Wear

Every guy and gal wants a swimsuit, T-shirt or Sunglasses that look good and stand out. We carry the latest fashions, colors and styles from the hottest brands in Ladies and Men's swim wear. Fashionable Ladies swim wear cover ups and the latest in men's T-Shirts are available year round in our ships store. Be sure to stop, look around and find the look the you want at the best prices on Grand Lake.

The Best Ships Store On Grand Lake

Shopping in our Ships Store is always fun. We have just about every imaginable item you might want. If you're hungry or thirsty we have the items you want like ice, bottled water, sodas, beer, wine, cigarettes, candy, ice cream and chips.

If you need boating supplies or accessories we have them in stock as well. When you want the latest look and fashion be sure to visit our Ships Store to see wide our selection of swim wear and resort wear.

The next time you are on Grand Lake come in and shop around Cedar Port Marina's ship store. You can get to our store by land or water. Inside Cedar Port's Ships Store you will find everything you might need to have a fun and safe visit to Grand Lake.


Shop sunglasses from all your favorite brands at Cedar Port Marina! Stop in today to check out our selection and contact us if you have any questions.

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