Tag Title Tax Sale

The Endless Summer sales event for Regal starts now at Cedar Port Marina, home of Regal boats. It ends November 4th on all 2018 models, which includes free options from Regal. You will receive free options as well as we will pay your Tag, Tax, and Title fees on all 2018's. The tag, tax and title program will be over when the last 2018 is sold.

With all 2019's, you will be able to toss us the keys to your boat and stop all expenses then order a new 2019 Regal. That means NO winterization, NO service fees, NO insurance, and NO storage fees. The book value on your trade will be the best now, not after they come out new in January. We will hold your new ordered boat until spring of 2019. This is a Huge Savings. NO winter boat expenses. This is the first time Regal has offered free options. The larger the vessel the larger the options. The builders can build a boat for less money in the winter because they are looking for orders during the off season. The conditions are cooler and conditions are the best for the employees to build great boats. Regal is a debt free company and has been since 2009. Talk about no overhead!! They also sell their boats in 50 countries and are a 50 year old all family- owned company. That's HUGE!

Stop by Cedar Port Marina today! Come find out why I love Regal boats! Email me at jerry.cookson@cedarport.com or contact me on my cell phone (918) 691-8823.